Creation of the Horse

"When God was going to create the horse He said to the south wind:
from you I am going to create a being to the honor of my saints, to the humiliation of my enemies, as a grace to those who obey my rules.
The south wind said:
Do so my Lord!
Then God took a handful of the south wind and created the horse. He said:
Your name be Arabian, good deeds be tied to your forelocks and prey to your back; it be up to you to ease the struggle for subsistence. I have made your master your friend, I have favored you first of all beast of burden. I have endowed you with the power to fly without wings. Be it on attack or in retreat. On you back I shall place men who glorify me and rejoice in my praise.
And when the horse had touched the ground with his feet the Lord said:
You shall humiliate any idolater by your neigh which shall resound in their ears and shall fill their hearts with fear.
And when the Lord had shown Adam all the things he had created he said:
Choose of my creations that you like, and he chose the horse. Then the Lord spoke and said:
You have chosen your honor and your children's honor which will last for eons and eons."